January 9, 2010


A backstory:

I’ve been playing guitar for sixteen years.  I’ve been singing for twenty but suck at it. . . even though my wife insists my voice is good now.  You be the judge on that!  I’ve been playing harmonica for two months.  I’ve been playing mandolin for six weeks. . . and piano?  Six weeks on that too. 

So, if you hear a few weird notes or the timing’s off that’s because I just started playing the piano!  And I mean that. . . I literally ordered a keyboard and riffs I written for guitar (such as Smash the Hourglass) I converted for piano and started recording!

But now I need YOUR help again.  I’m not done writing tunes.  I’m going to keep writing, recording, and posting.  But I need a new name for this blog.  Suggestions are welcome. . . as are lyrics and poetry.  I will give credit to who sends it – don’t worry!

My next adventure is a five song project called “Two Tracks” because it’s going to be just two tracks per song – a guitar and a set of vocals.

Cool?  I think so too.


Smash the Hourglass

January 9, 2010

Title track to the album – thanks to Jodi MacArthur for the awesome name!


January 9, 2010

Sorry folks, the f-bomb is in this one. . . and it's the first time I attempted using drums and kind of just talking instead of singing. . . enjoy!


January 9, 2010

Chasin’ Dreams

January 9, 2010

My Little One

December 23, 2009


The Road of Faith

December 23, 2009

From my new album. http://www.1album1month.wordpress.com

Empty Bottle, Empty Dream

December 12, 2009

First video I've ever made of me just jamming out! (Song will appear on my new album!)

I Miss You

December 9, 2009

Another great tune from my new album. http://www.1album1month.wordpress.com